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Rajeev Mishra

Er. Rajeev Mishra

B.Tech., IIT-BHU

I congratulate you all for your decision to join coveted field of Engineering and medical. You all know “when we know better you do better”, with that positive attitude can be one of the most powerful weapon one can have to thrive the path of success in the competitive era.

In order to take decision wisely, I advise you to choose the place where you feel strong platform to excel your ability, to express your hidden talent, to shape your destiny as you desire.

It is better to set your goal as early as possible and thrive for more if you to succeed. When you set goals for yourself it is important to motivate you. Motivation is key to achieving goals. But the essential is that goal should be attainable, measurable, relevant, and specific and time bound.

Here Prime Classes Pvt. Ltd. provides every stage which is relevant to the direction you want your life and career to become as Engineer / Doctors and Olympiad winners.

At last but not least we are here with you as catalyst to make your hard work and knowledge into your success story in a time bound phase. We are with you to fill the gap between you and success. With all the best wishes, I with my organization bless you with golden success.

Er. Ajeet Shankar Rai

B.Tech., IIT-BHU

We aspire to make our students excel in terms of thought, ideology and performance. To achieve this, I and my faculty work with commitment and dedication. With such an endeavor, we are sure of achieving the pinnacle for success.

Here at PRIME CLASSES, we truly understand that the final outcome is always in the hands of student; but, we also believe that it is the teacher who can truly direct the student to achieve the desired goal. I take personal interest in what’s going on in my classes, to confirm that we as an organization achieve the desired outcome.

Hailing from IITs and other reputed universities, our faculty understands what it takes to crack these tough cookies. In our view, preparation for examination is based on three pillars – Concept Clarity, Contextual familiarity and Application Expertise. Our innovative and dedicated teaching ensures that every student gets a firm grip of each of these pillars so very essential for arduous preparations.

I, on behalf of entire PRIME’s team welcome you to join us and feel the blend of quality & Innovation that can change you to be the world class professional.

Ajeet Shankar Rai

Pankaj Trivedi

Dr. Pankaj Trivedi

P.hd., BHU

In the socio-educational system it is the most crucial phase in your life to choose a prestigious career. Every science student wishes to lead a successful career as an Engineer or a Doctor. Before making preparations for the Entrance Examination, it is not only important to know what should be studied but it is also of paramount importance to know what should the strategy for preparation. It has been the endeavor of this Institute to keep pace with the latest techniques and adopt new thoughts in guiding the students.

As we know "Practice makes a man perfect." Quality of this institution is beckoned by continuous hard working of well qualified and experienced faculties. Some time it comes in students mind that some particular subject or topic is too hard to understand. But it's never true. Each and every subject or topic is easy if there is a good teaching technique.

We strive to provide knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes and beliefs that are essential for a productive, successful and happy life. We recognize that these goals are best achieved when the institution provides an environment in which faculties, parents, staffs and others develop and practice core values that benefit the academic, emotional and social needs of all students. PRIME’s efforts are aimed at higher benchmarks and further refinement.

Flying on the wings of vision and ignited by the spark of passion, our mission is to set ourselves not just to enrich the legacy we have created, but to excel one milestone after another with clock-work precision and habituated ease. Driven by the relentless efforts of the years that have gone by, we modulate leadership that when integrated with latest technology and global perspective steers close to the best practices in JEE & PMT preparation. As we visualize the future, we feel the urgency to make rapid strides in harnessing the latest teaching techniques and addressing ourselves in the context of changing entrance exams scenario. PRIME CLASSES is working towards being centre of excellence for JEE & PMT entrance exam preparation in INDIA.

With the new changes pattern we are set to provide our students with real practical skills that meet the necessary needs of exam pattern & preparation while providing them with the fundamental knowledge base for board exam preparations.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

We are living in a brutally competitive world where a minor slip can result into voyage to abyss. Years ago the exams were not much hard to achieve success, but now a day trend has been moved to join best place where we can stand strongly. Now a days competition is cut –throat, in that coaching institute play a vital catalytic role to shape your destiny in time bound manner.

Our Vision

We envision a world that values and is transformed by creative, resilient and compassionate leadership. We work with expert teachers who are committed to taking risks, have the courage to lead by example, who think big and who make things happen. We facilitate this transformation through coaching, so that students can build a right approach to attain their set goal.