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  • For Students Stepping in Class VIII

One Year Classroom Program for the Preparations of UTs, FAs/Half Yearly, SAs/Annual Examinations + Building a Strong Foundation for NTSE, NSEJS and National/International Olympiads.

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  • For Students Stepping in Class IX

This journey will be four years long and along the way there will be other few important milestones to achieve as well, like NTSE, Jr. & Sr. Olympiads, KVPY etc. Hence, it becomes very important for all Students, aiming Extraordinary Results in X & XII Boards and for a Top rank in JEE/PMTs, to start preparing at this very right stage.

To give lifelong Success to Students going to Class 9 who are aspiring for a Top Rank in JEE/PMTs respectively, we have the above mentioned path-breaking Classroom / Integrated School Programs, to help them achieve their desired results.

This Program also helps the Student to excel in NSTSE, NTSE, X & XII Boards, KVPY and International Olympiads the Program will automatically ensure that he/she excel in JEE Main, JEE Advanced/AIIMS, AIPMT other Engineering/Medical entrance Examinations.

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  • For Students Stepping in Class X

The goal of the program will be to help you score high marks in X & XII Boards and a good Rank in JEE Main, JEE Advanced/AIIMS, AIPMT. The program will also prepare him/her for NTSE and Other Engineering/Scholastic Competitive Examinations.

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  • XI Foundation

If you are a Student who will be going to Class 11 in next Academic Year and aspires for a Top Rank in JEE/PMTs with Excellent Results in XII Boards, then you must be already aware of the fact that it will take not just your sweat, determination, Serious Studies & hard work to turn your dream of getting a Top Rank into reality but, also the Expertise, Guidance & Commitment of a Coach who can guide you in such a way where all targeted goals can be achieve as dreamed.

SPARK (3 Days in a week at Coaching and Days in school)

School Integrated Program/Synchronized Studying Program

  • Our Integrated School Programs have the capability to help Students of Class XI & XII to achieve - Overall Academic Excellence in Class XI & XII Boards, State level science & scholarship tests, KVPY, JEE Advanced, JEE Main in a single system within regular school hours thus bringing in tremendous focus & reduction in undue stress.
  • SPARK aims to get maximum possible and accurate Result in XII Board at least 90% Marks + at least 300 marks in JEE Main + at least a Rank in Top 500 in JEE Advanced for Math’s Group Students and for Biology Group Students this is focused towards at least 90% Marks in XII Board + A Rank in Top 500 in AIIMS + Rank within Top 500 in AIPMT + Rank in Top 200 in UPCPMT.
  • A study plan that will ease out the pressure of time (or the feeling for the lack of it) for the Student, unlocking lots of extra time, giving enough time for self studies, which a Student would not have got otherwise and also giving him sufficient time for co curricular activities, self study, sports, social activities etc. which are equally important for his / her personality development.
  • VIKAS (5+1 Days in a week at Coaching)
    • PRIME is the only institute whose Students do well not only in JEE/PMTs but also in XII Boards & Other Engineering/Medical Entrance Exams. All PRIME’S Students who qualified for JEE Advanced/AIPMT also scored well in their XII Board Exams thus figuring in the Top 20 percentile of their respective Boards.
    • This Program will automatically ensure that Student excel in JEE/PMTs. This Program also helps him/her to excel in XII Boards and Other Engineering/Medical Entrance Examinations.

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  • For Students Stepping in Class XII

Those who are studying in a coaching where they are unsatisfied with their and Institutes performance, but want to surpass present performance and extremely better rank in JEE/NEET and much better score in XII Boards here our XII Foundation batch help students to get maximum possible result in mentioned examinations.

o PRIME is the only institute whose students do well in both type of examination Competition & Boards, All PRIME’s students qualified in JEE/NEET also scored well in Board Examinations.

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The Course provides yearlong continuous practice with widest possible coverage of the theory and questions. The teaching methodology is systematic and scientific which raises the academic level of the student multifold. Positive, Stressfree, and motivating environment builds winning attitude of student which is essential to succeed.